Thursday, May 07, 2009

labor day weekend, part 2

so what's to do in subic? well, there's some outlet shopping... although not that exciting... for us, anyway, but sporty types can find some good deals here... some big businessman should develop subic into a sprawling, open-air outlet mall, just like those in the california desert, where people drive hundreds of miles from major cities just to get, what, 20% off past season merchandise. at least 50% off naman. maybe the tantocos should do it. they own royal, which is a supermarket with goods priced in dollars (bakeet? wala na mga 'kano dito noh?? well, it IS a duty-free store). it shrank from the way we knew it 10 or so years ago when they sold past-season items from gucci, ferragamo, and other brands. sana they turn it into an outlet for zara or something (like lefties, in spain). meanwhile, clark has a lot of clean, wide, open spaces—nice for taking walks, runs, or bike rides. and big, decades-old trees that provide a lot of shade and cool the area... but when you drive around, you also see a lot of decay. all the housing built for the americans have been left to rot. and then there's that expensive white elephant, the clark expo. sayang, it looks so modern and spacious from the outside, what ever happened to this place?? why didn't they ever use it?? sayang! sayang ang pera ng mga pilipino!

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