Wednesday, May 06, 2009

labor day weekend

for the past week on facebook, friends have been warning friends of the upcoming dreaded mercury in retrograde. what this means is that all sorts of things break down—from machines to communication. someone even said that if you were born in the first quarter of the year, it's going to hit you two weeks early. naku thats us! and it sure hit us in a major way this labor day weekend when we drove all the way from manila to subic on a sunny friday morning. as we entered the former US naval base, we pulled out our hotel's address only to find out it's in... clark!!! homaigad!!! we passed that an hour ago!!! tanga!!! well, at least we got to drive down the nice, new, clean, well-made, and very picturesque SCTEX (subic-clark-tarlac expressway). it's like driving cross-country through the california freeways. ganda!

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rubyg said...

Curious ako sa mercury retrograde... How do you know when it is one? May formula ba yun to get the dates?