Wednesday, May 27, 2009

make your own havaianas 2009

starts tomorrow! ends jun 1! at the rockwell tent! so don't delay and join the queue! (because there WILL be queues. and how.) but yesterday, there was a special, exclusive, by-invitation-only MYOH for special friends of havaianas and we were invited, woo-hoo! *feeling special* this will be the fourth MYOH and it has just grown through the years. the first two years it was held at the north court of power plant mall. last year it moved to rockwell tent to better handle the swell of the crowd. and each year, they introduce limited-edition pins. this time, they have philippine-themed pins, like the jeepney, vinta, philippine map, and a cute tarsier! so after roaming around, quaffing and noshing, deciding on our combinations (check out that funky chandelier made completely out of havaianas—we want one to hang in our sala!)... there was a show of slippers... a little hosting by bianca gonzalez and andrew arellano... then let the games begin! there were like over a hundred of these guys and gals working away at those soles, straps, and pins... and here are our havaianas! hot pink soles, crystal pink straps, and tarsier pins :-)


Anonymous said...

whoa! how did you get an invitation to the event? :) that's is so cool! :) - j

Anonymous said...

I've always wondered (since I don't wear flip-flops, I've never known), when you attend this design-your-own Havaianas (can't spell it, sorry!), do you pay for the footwear? Or are they complimentary?

Do some get it free, but some pay for it? What's the setup?

the fash pack said...

for this by-invitation-only event, which happened two days before the start of the actual make (not design) your own havaianas event, the flip-flops were complimentary. it also gave the "havaianas makers" time to practice—can you believe for a lot of them, it was their first time?? as in, they were taught how to make the tsinelas just that day. come may 28-jun 1, you have to pay.