Friday, May 29, 2009

portraits of feet

last night we attended the exhibit opening of pete jimenez titled “if the shoe fits.” now we don't know pete but when anything has to do with shoes, we are so there! so off we went to the water dragon gallery at the second floor of the yuchengco museum at the RCBC building. all we can say is, er, mabuti na lang we had a hidden agenda, which was to view the other shoe exhibit “portraits of shoes: stories of feet” whose opening we missed last apr 28. OK, can we say that any fashion lover, whether or not you're into shoes, MUST see this exhibit. they have like a thousand (OK, maybe a hundred) shoes that span centuries, design aesthetics, functions, colors, materials, and tolerance for pain! a few samples:

chanel platform shoe with lightbulb heel, 2007:

does this shoe condone or condemn guns? chanel platform shoe with revolver heel, 2008:

a running shoe that follows a runner's tiptoe position, just like a cheetah's. adidas, 2007

talk about constantly being on tiptoe! ballerina by paco rabanne, 1989:
more crazy platforms! fetishist's shoe by hellstern, circa 1920s:
this one will take a long time to remove once you tie 'em all up. pleaser by marina faust, 2009:
an actual couture boot by christian lacroix! f/w 2007-08. doesn't it remind you of some of bea valdes's neckpieces?
"baroque rock & roll illustrations"—we want one! (or all!)
UPDATE: don't forget to go up to the fourth floor—that's where the local designers have their shoes displayed. nobody told us, so we missed it waaah!

“portraits of shoes: stories of feet” at the yuchengco museum 3/f and 4/f, RCBC plaza, ayala ave. corner gil puyat ave., makati city. exhibit runs till jun 20, 2009


Jujiin said...

OMG-ing at the paco rabanne!

Rachelle said...

I want to go back tuloy to see the fourth floor :-P

cynical_witch said...

Awesome! Fashpack, go back and take photos of the shoes on the fourth floor, sige na. I want to see the shoe fantasies of the local designers, haha!

Edrick said...

cameras are okay? wow!