Saturday, May 09, 2009

SM kultura

have you been to SM kultura lately? there was a time long long ago (OK, maybe this was in the 70s and 80s, maybe even the 90s), when you wanted anything "native" or your foreign guests wanted to buy some locally handcrafted pasalubong, you took them to the "filipiniana" section of department stores like SM, rustan's, or the landmark. or to tesoro's. then these sections started to get smaller and smaller, and carried less and less exciting stuff. but in recent years, SM took their filipiniana section out of the department store and separated it into its own store, SM kultura. yesterday, they re-launched it at mall of asia. they also opened the new extension. guess it's doing that well. and the place is full of STUFF. aside from the classic man-in-the-barrel and wood carvings... they've got lots of home items with very contemporary designs...

chic accessories (check out these clutches made of genuine watersnakeskin, all under a thousand bucks!)... nicely packaged cigars whose boxes can be engraved for free... a new ready-to-wear line by nono palmos made with a local silk fabric, which he developed... and lookie! what is this? new competition for collezione C2??

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