Friday, May 22, 2009

where in the world is marc jacobs?

last night we had to go to louis vuitton in greenbelt 4 to return some items we pulled out for a shoot. haaay such is the life when you have no assistant. buti pa yung intern namin, nag-bakashon sa australia. when that was done, we mozied on down towards greenbelt 3 when a black-clad waiter walked by with a tray of champagne. haaay we could use one of that, we thought, as he entered the marc jacobs store. wha? a party with bubbly and we weren't invited?? er, that's because it was a little soiree to introduce the new collection to MJ regulars. which we're not. not yet anyway. we'll wait for the sale hehe...

there's val! and bianca! don't they look fab in their MJ outfits? (note to self: do not stand next to tall and thin and gorgeous supermodels...) and here is serena, the retail merchandiser for marc jacobs hong kong, also in a cute MJ dress: we jokingly asked her, "where's marc?" she replied, "oh, he's in hong kong." huwaaaat? then why are you here?? apparently he was there to attend some artsy fartsy thingy for louis vuitton. check out nutrilicious's blog to see how they wrapped the entire facade of the hong kong museum of art with richard prince's work. wish we were there!


Anonymous said...


can i apply as contributory writer in your chichi magazine?

pls? its one of my biggest dreams. kahit walang paysung. i just want to see my name in a magazine. madame, screen me naman pls?

giselle nerviza said...

Hello! Can I apply as your assistant? I'm currently working in cinema one and i also cover some events. I would really love to work with you po. =)

Is there a way I could get in touch with you kahit raket lang po? I just love fashpack!

the fash pack said...

dear anonymous and giselle nerviza, please email your resumé to thanks!