Tuesday, June 02, 2009

baguio today

what happened to baguio? it used to be so pleasant to come up here to escape the heat, traffic, pollution, crowds, and stress of manila. now it's such a mess! navigating the city is not easy now because of all the new one-way roads. the traffic must've gotten so bad that they had to implement some new system. hope it works out because we were just confused. just getting from point A to point B took up so much time, it would've been faster to walk! (rather, climb stairs and hike hills hehe..) in our group, we had a baguio virgin and a couple who hadn't been back in years (more like decades—before the big earthquake kaya??). so we visited or drove by some old haunts like wright park (where some horses now sport hot-pink manes), the mansion house, burnham park, and mines view park, which looks more like a tianggehan than anything else. it was foggy, though, so there was not much of a view. but look at what some enterprising people did. for 20 bucks, you get to pose with this huge saint bernard: isn't he positively huggable?? there were three of these gentle giants. at first, we were scared to touch them because they looked like they could chomp off one arm in a second, but they were really docile. must be drugged or something...


Anonymous said...

st bernards are actually pretty docile. plus, so long as dogs are socialized with other dogs and with people, they rarely behave badly.


Anonymous said...

Growing up in Baguio, I could say the same thing. It used to be such a cozy little city. I was wrong when I thought I could go back for relaxing nostalgic breaks but it's turned into such an, well, ugly place.

If you're feeling a little adventurous with accomodation, I'd suggest staying in 'Ating Tahanan' in South Drive in pinewood paneled, self catering flats and the area's still surrounded with pine trees and still has that cool climate. It's one of the few places that still has the 'Baguio' feeling.