Thursday, June 11, 2009

designs filipino

in time for independence day, tonight ayala decided to fete the talented and hard-working people behind the shops located in the filipino zone of greenbelt 5. for those of you who don't know, there is a section on the second floor that houses all-filipino talent for clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories. and across that, food naman hehe... the length of the second floor was turned into a catwalk, as models sashayed up and down the aisle, then stepped into the store of the outfit they were wearing, then pose pose so guests could go in and out and take photos at their leisure. great idea! para walang pressure ang mga bloggers with rinky-dink cameras. and shoppers could inspect the merchandise at close range. and guys and gals (and gays) could admire the models up close. and we had more time to schmooze and hang out by the bar ;-) here's what we caught (you can tell who they're wearing from the little cards they're holding or the store they're in/in front of):

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