Wednesday, June 24, 2009

face off

cultural center of the philippines—the venue of last night's big fashion event titled "face off," presented by the philippine daily inquirer's lifestyle section and featuring the collections of rajo laurel, rhett eala, and randy ortiz, and the music of the philippine philharmonic orchestra. sa lobby lang nga. we got there 7-ish and passed through the side entrance, where they checked your purse and—dig this—checked your temperature! juice ko! we thought they were going to poke that thingy into our ear! luckily it was just our forehead. "ma'am, your temperature is 36 point 8. you may enter." homaigad, what if it was above normal, they won't let you in?? sayang naman ang effort to put on makeup, fix your hair, and wear a gown! after we signed in and proceeded to the lobby, everybody was already seated. so it was quite difficult to find an empty chair. seemed like the usherette was also at a loss as to where to seat us and many other guests who were filing in. luckily, we managed to find one free seat on the second row. it was kinda sikip and we were kinda disappointed that there was no area for the schmoozin' and the boozin'. and maybe we missed it, but we didn't spot the requisite photo wall. we wanted to take photos of the guests and count who came in rajo, rhett, or randy. but as it was, there was no picture-taking and no posing-posing to speak of. sayang naman ang effort to put on makeup, fix your hair, and wear a gown! ok, let's watch the show na lang!

first up, rajo: a very rajo trait is to start with a concept or inspiration. he is very precise and organized. his looks are complete from head to toe, from girl to girl, from how each look flows from one to the next. this time, he was inspired by the ballet. full of pale, muted tones, lots of stretchy jersey material, and costumey accessories to bring home the idea. very strong point of view. and check out the shoes! he designed those for via veneto. he also did versions of the new pant silhouette, called harem, diaper, dhoti, whatever—personally, our eye is beginning to adjust to all this fullness.
rhett's collection was made for the young socialite (or wanna-be). a lot of bold colors, body-conscious silhouettes, short lengths, strapless necklines, and intricate details that make the dress practically a conversation piece. (but if your legs are not that great, the dress will look just as alluring in a knee-length :-) he's always been known for his grown-up feminine (but not syrupy sweet) clothes and he didn't disappoint. a very commercial but not common collection. (and don't miss those gorgeous south sea pearls by jewelmer! yummy!)
randy's collection was the most bongga of all. known for his mix of color, pattern, and texture, he went all out with this one, but in a restrained manner (if that's possible). in fact, we liked this even better than his big gala show last year. all the frou-frou and borloloy were tempered by the black-and-white palette. the clothes were dramatic, but not in a grand-entrance kind of way. more like a work-the-room kind of way, know what we mean? his only color was purple (and the lone yellow), which was also the color of the night! so many women in purple! including us!
and the winner? all of them! congratulations, sisters, for a fabulous show!


Anonymous said...

we want to see what you were wearing

Mrs. Jackie T. (thebaghag wannabe) said...

great coverage, L! I wish I had brought a camera, but with my heels and clutch, a camera was out of the question. Plus I almost forgot the most important thing-- I was LATE haha. So I was standing the whole time. But worth it!! Nice to see you there *even if you didnt see me haha*