Saturday, June 20, 2009

the gap

it's been a while pala since our last post. it's not like this was an uneventful week. (it's just that we had to finish an article that was due, er, monday, so we decided, no distractions!! no blogging!! facebook lang!!) like last wednesday, we went to megamall. we rarely go to megamall, so when we do, ituhog na ika nga. we went to attend a book launch, use up some GCs that are only valid there (why do stores do that??), and check out the new wing called the atrium. from the outside, you can't quite figure out where they added an annex, but inside, look at the shape of the ceiling/skylight: and lookie, a real live piano and piano player with a captive audience to boot. none of that loud, irritating, scratchy "music" over the PA system. class! and the gap! ah, the gap... back in the 80s, when we lived in the bay area, california for a few years, the gap was your go-to store for basics: jeans, T-shirts, chinos, sweatshirts, and jogging pants. nothing more, nothing less. then somewhere along the way, they went upscale, hired designers, released trendy collections, launched stylish advertising campaigns, got celebrities and supermodels to endorse the brand—and suddenly, the gap became cool. today, it's still a good place to get your basics and then some. we have a pair of slim trousers, which we bought at the gap seven years ago that we still wear. with all our weight fluctuations (up, down, five pounds, ten pounds, two inches, three inches—yikes!), these pants have served us well. we call them our "plane pants" because they're the most comfortable—but decent—thing to wear on a plane (i.e., still upgradeable :-) so it's been our mission to find another pair just like it. seemed like a good time to search... jeans—check. shorts—check. chinos—check. T-shirts—check. (and take note, if you buy two tops, you get 30% off on the top of lesser value!) all the basics are still there with a a few summer staples thrown in: colorful summer dresses, swimsuits, strappy sandals, canvas totes... and we tried a whole lotta pants. can we please say that this is one of the best fitting rooms we've ever been in?? other stores should use gap as a standard: spacious, well-lit, a chair on which to perch your purse (never on the floor!), a wide mirror, and six—count 'em, six!—hooks on which to hang your try-ons, as well as your own clothes! something we realized while fitting: gap sizes run big. "american size po kasi, ma'am," said the salesgal. ah, kasi malaki mga 'kano. kung asian size maliit. so we tried an 8, then a 6, then a 4, then a 2?! wow, we're thin pala! but since this will be another pair of plane pants, we opted for a comfortable but still flattering 4. introducing our new gap pants (modeled by a manananggal, este, mannequin ;-) navy stretch cotton capri pants: P2,650
the feeling we get when we wear them: priceless
PS: gap's design editions of khaki classics—a limited-edition collection designed by CFDA/vogue fashion fund finalists alexander wang, vena cava, and albertus swanepoel—are now available at gap, bonifacio high street

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Rachelle said...

I also love their brightly colored T-shirt dresses, planning to buy em at Gap MOA. Also, thankie for schlepping all the way to Megamall for my event! Your book and mag is on its way (you'll receive it Mon or Tues). ;-)