Saturday, June 13, 2009

julian schnabel recent work

last march painter/filmmaker/interior designer julian schnabel was in singapore for the opening of his exhibit. we have an editor friend who actually got a one-on-one interview with him. now mind you this editor has interviewed everyone, from the most VIP to the most common tao, and she said never in her career did she become tameme till she met julian schnabel. katakot pala sha! (well, he kinda looks it...) that same exhibit he showed in singapore opened at the national museum of the philippines tonight. we had to be there and see real, live works of one of the most celebrated and recognized artists of the 21st century. even if you don't like his work at 'di mo sha type, you still have to see them, especially since the time, effort, and money were taken to bring them here. assorted "critics" tonight made comments, like the works are "not in scale," "no substance," "his earlier works were better," even "i'd rather buy a coffetable book of his works"—we loved hearing it! art inspires so much passion in people. the opportunity to see the works six inches from your face allows you to scrutinize it for as long as you want to and decide whether or not you like it—as art or as something you want to hang in your living room. which ones do you like—or hate?

julian schnabel recent work will be at the north wing gallery, 4/f museum of the filipino people, agrifina circle, ermita, manila till jul 30. you can also view julian schnabel prints at manila contemporary gallery, whitespace, 2314 chino roces ave, makati city till jul 6. the prints are for sale, with prices ranging from UD$1,300-35,000


Mrs. Jackie T. (thebaghag wannabe) said...

fantastic, fashpack. "Studied" schnabel's work back in college and I must say, it's a love- hate thing. Certain pieces I really love, while certain pieces made me question "why?". All in all though, this man is really in a league of his own. And yeah I love the fact that he's usually strutting around in silk PJs ;) He's got that Heff appeal haha.

anna said...


linsey said...

undecided. saw thse also in rogue and while i like schnabel's art i think i like his movies more.