Sunday, June 28, 2009

shiseido facial massage

there's no better way to cap a stressful week—actually, any week—than with a great facial or massage. well, how about a facial massage? that's right: shiseido's facial RX massage. wow, what a fantastic combination. personally, we gauge how good a facial or massage is by if we fall asleep during the treatment. and yes we did with this one! haaay, it just felt sooo good... (hope we didn't snore...) we had the facial massage at their greenbelt 5 branch. most freestanding shiseido stores have a little room at the back where they give facials—also at glorietta and power plant mall. first the therapist cleanses your face and removes all traces of makeup. she also uses a tiny rotating brush to really get deep into the pores. it kinda tickles hee-hee. she steams your face to open the pores, then she uses a little suction thingy to get the gunk outta there. then comes the best part: massage! good night! here are the products our therapist juvy used: then to cap the treatment, a little tea to relax and psych yourself to face another stressful week. haaay... hello, monday :-(

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Aina said...

Which facial treatment did you get? Which would you recommend?

Thank you!