Friday, July 31, 2009

sneak peek

supermodels joann bitagcol and the pride of iloilo ria bolivar in puey quiñones. more tomorrow!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

raining in iloilo

it's raining in iloilo today. no guimaras boat trip today. so we went
shopping. uk uk shopping. scored some cheap goods. and to think we
swore off ukay shopping! well, how could we resist a super-cool jean
jacket by jean paul gaultier for 330 pesos?? then it was lunch at breakthrough
restaurant. what a strange name for a restaurant. maybe they meant to
call it breakwater? because look at the view from our table, above. we
could sit here all afternoon eating oysters and drinking san mig
light. but we didn't. there are other things to attend to. more later!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

the fash packs: iloilo

no, this isn't the river seine. but we can dream, can't we? this is
the iloilo river, which is right behind our hotel. we wish they
organized sunset cocktail cruises here, parang how nice and peaceful
to just be sailing down the river. and after today's turbulent flight,
we certainly could use a drink! happy hour na!

Monday, July 27, 2009

GMA + SONA = fashion show

OK, how can we not post about GMA's last (?) state of the nation address. it was the talk of the town today! but we don't care about what she said. what we really wanted to know was what was she going to wear?? so while we were in the office, we slipped out after 4pm to buy some merienda and the tindero was watching the SONA live on his rinky-dink TV set, so we took a peek. all we could see was GMA from the chest up. we saw a hot-pink terno with little finger-like thingies sticking up from her neckline (parang gusto shang isakal). there were some funny comments on facebook, twitter, and assorted blogs about this terno designed by inno sotto. looking at it full-length, it was a well-cut gown with impeccable construction. the silhouette was classic with a twist, the twist being those thick fringes sticking out from her (fake?) boobs. and that's all we're going to say! everyone's a (fashion) critic! but one of the funniest we read on twitter said "GMA looks like an unhappy meal toy from a fuchsia carton of fries." lol!!!

(photo credit:

Sunday, July 26, 2009

tie a yellow ribbon

we think it's quite tragic that our former president cory aquino has been lying in a hospital bed for the last month, fighting for her life. but what is even more tragic is when people send text messages with false information that she has died. it was last friday while having lunch that we checked our facebook on our iphone and there, one of our friends posted: "Our former President Cory Aquino passed away past 12nn today. Please pause for a short prayer." (quotation marks hers.) naturally, other friends posted comments of condolences and prayers. we were sad to hear this and texted close friends about the message, but at the same time asked them to confirm it if they could. we also went online to verify the news via gma, abs-cbn, inquirer, and star's websites. and as we were doing this, another FB friend commented that the news was not true. but so many people believed it. even the british embassy. somebody's head is going to roll over there because just about the same time we read that FB post, we received a media release via e-mail from them expressing their condolences. the subject read "Media Release: UK Government extends condolences following the death of President Corazon Aquino" and the release began, "Following the news of Corazon Aquino's death Foreign Office Minister Lord Malloch Brown has extended the British Government's condolences to her family." then 30 minutes later, they recanted by sending another statement that said, "Our deepest apologies, it appears the information we received was premature. Please embargo our statement until Pres. Aquino's passing has been confirmed. Thank you very much for your understanding." yesterday, we received another e-mail, this time from chris wright, the head of political section of the british embassy, and he wrote: "With apologies for the confusion caused yesterday by the premature release of a statement of condolences to Cory Aquino’s family. I wanted to make clear that we fully withdraw the statement and will re-issue a new one when the time comes."

whatever your political color, put it aside and take a moment and join the rest of the country and pray for her healing.

painting: "untitled" by cory aquino, march 2002, 16"x12", oil on canvas. (credit:

Thursday, July 23, 2009

the new net-app!

it's net-a-porter on the go!

We are delighted to bring you the fabulous new NET-APP, a unique fashion shopping application for the iPhone and iPod touch.

The NET-APP syncs with your phone and downloads content automatically so you'll never miss the latest arrivals and fashion news. Scroll through the most coveted designers with ClosetFlow, designed so you choose how to view the hottest pieces. Horizontal? Vertical? Zoom in for a closer look! However you choose to shop, you'll always be one stylish step ahead.

With the NET-APP you can:

• Buy wherever you are
• Create with lists on the move
• Read the weekly fashion news
• Shop new arrivals twice a week
• Share it with your friends!

It's fabulous fashion in the palm of your hand.

What are you waiting for?


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

john lloyd for swatch

today at a lunch at establishment at the fort, it was announced that john lloyd cruz is the new endorser for swatch watches. virgie ramos (whom everybody calls tita virgie), who owns swatch in the philippines, always chooses very carefully who will be in her stable of swatch babies. and when they become part of it, she really takes care of them. so ma-swerte si lloydie! john lloyd just happens to be one of the country's hottest actors, whose movies are a guaranteed box-office success, and with whom everyone wants to work (and date?), and is the current endorsement king. he is the image model for, er, that pill and that pizza (sometimes that's the problem with celebrity endorsements—you remember the celeb but not the product). anyhoo, chuvaness and we scored seats right in front, right next to the stage. and just before we were served our salad, guess who shows up? the ex!! the photographers and cameramen went crazy! including us! paparazzi! that's "the ex" liz uy above left with tita virgie. here's a picture of liz and lloydie below in happier days, taken last october 2006 (wow, tagal rin pala nila. sabi nga ni chuvaness, his style improved with her and deteriorated after her. whaddaya think??): now everyone in the publishing and fashion industry knows liz uy and her work as a stylist and fashion editor for preview magazine. and everyone in showbiz knows her as the girlfriend of john lloyd cruz. oops, ex-girlfriend na pala. we don't know the back story there; all we know is what we see on the buzz and read in and in gossip columns (i.e., that he's now with ruffa gutierrez daw, whose brother raymond just happens to be liz's best friend. parang ang hirap naman nyan). so anyway this is what he looked like today: ok, can we please just say that hosts mikee cojuangco and billy crawford kept making references to (read: making fun of) his, er, colorful outfit. we can dig him from the waist down with the salmon trousers and orange shoes, but that baby blue jacket! what are you—12 years old?? he should've given the outfit a jagger-esque edge with a libertine-style blazer and a vintage concert T-shirt—or something! well, during the Q&A, he did say he was now more experimental with his fashion choices, gravitating towards color—and how. so there was the requisite raffle where 10 watches were given away. and guess who won one? liz! gash, you couldn't have written a better script! parang teleserye! only this was real life! o diba may hug pa... and posing for the paps... haay too much showbiz for a day... tomorrow we'll show you some actual swatches!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

total eclipse of the, er, sun

if there's one thing you have to do in your lifetime, it's to see an actual total solar eclipse! now we don't know if any part of the philippines will witness a total solar eclipse tomorrow, but it will definitely get dark. we can't recall the last time we witnessed a solar eclipse, but we must have seen, oh, two or three in our lifetime. yes, we are that old!! the total solar eclipse of july 22, 2009 will be the longest of the 21st century, lasting six minutes and 39 seconds. blink and you miss! and speaking of which, NEVER look directly at the sun lest you go blind, no kidding. according to the NASA website:

"On Wednesday, 2009 July 22, a total eclipse of the Sun is visible from within a narrow corridor that traverses half of Earth. The path of the Moon's umbral shadow begins in India and crosses through Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar and China. After leaving mainland Asia, the path crosses Japan's Ryukyu Islands and curves southeast through the Pacific Ocean where the maximum duration of totality reaches 6 min 39 s. A partial eclipse is seen within the much broader path of the Moon's penumbral shadow, which includes most of eastern Asia, Indonesia, and the Pacific Ocean."

in the philippines, we will witness a partial solar eclipse. it starts at 8:33am, the full eclipse at 9:43am, and will end at 11:01am. wake up for this natural phenomenon because the next one will be on july 11, 2010! pray for a clear, cloudless sky and no rain!

Monday, July 20, 2009

meet poppy-chan

we're a fan of coach on facebook and they posted this cute video:

"Poppy-Chan is an adorable anime character created by Coach Japan to go with the new Poppy Collection. She represents the playful, fun, Poppy girl in all of us. Check out her latest video and tell us what you think…"

Sunday, July 19, 2009

kira plastinina

if you dare brave the insane megamall traffic today, be sure to check out a new shop that just opened yesterday in building B, second floor, right across carolina's and a couple of spaces away from linea italia: kira plastinina. it's a russian brand that was started three years ago by supposedly the youngest professional fashion designer, 15-year-old (at the time she launched the brand) kira plastinin. the brand was brought here by keri (cute play on their names, huh? :-) here she is (below left) with her partner and sister ruby ann: upon inspecting the merchandise, the clothes are really for the young, trend-conscious market who like a lotta pink! prices are not bad: bottoms for 2k+, jackets for 3k+, and dresses for 4k+. models showing us how to put the pieces together:

Friday, July 17, 2009

when manila looked like paris

myrza, the editor in chief of, is our facebook friend and just this past week, she sent us this link when manila looked like paris. go see it, it's an 11-minute vintage black and white video titled "the screen traveler" that was produced by the americans in the late 1930s. it explores the city of manila and there you'll recognize some buildings in their prime, which now have been either torn down or left to rot or still stand but are largely ignored. sad.

seeing the video was timely for us because also just this past week, we went to the manila hotel, which was also seen in the video: "...the famous manila hotel, overlooking the bay, is one of the finest air-conditioned hotels in the tropics." and for the longest time, manila hotel WAS the finest hotel. we have lots of memories of that hotel. we were one of the five million people camped out in front of the quirino grandstand in 1995, waiting to see pope john paul II; the manila hotel was our mess hall, bathroom, and barracks (iow, naki-tulog hehe). we were one of dozens of people stalking supermodel linda evangelista in 1995 when she was billeted there. we literally stood outside the lift till she walked out and we shocked her with flashing camera bulbs—so paparazzi! and of course that's where michael jackson stayed when he came to the philippines for the second time in 1996. read this touching story of his stay there written by then-staffer gwen cariño, which appeared in the philippine star last jul 5. that's her below with the king of pop, fielding the autograph hounds... so a few days ago, we took a mini-tour of manila hotel and we're glad to see that they have preserved the building and kept most of it as is. it's got good bones and shouldn't be messed with. in this day and age of "progress," some corporations don't hesitate to tear old structures down in order to make way for new ones. we're also glad to see that manila hotel is little by little re-furbishing the interiors—changing carpets and drapes and upholstery but still maintaining the old-world feel of the hotel. one of the newest and biggest changes is to its chinese restaurant mabuhay palace. check out the neo-chinois interiors: they also spruced up the champagne room. during the day, it's got lovely light streaming through the windows; wonder what it looks like at night. too bad they can no longer open the drapes of the arched doorways that USED to lead out into the garden; the new tent now stands there. sayang, we also have nice memories of attending cocktail receptions in that garden with the huge tree strung with twinkling lights and looking out into the bay. did they chop down that tree?? (cheez: we heard a rumor that the piolo-KC teleserya "lovers in paris" wanted to film a scene in the champagne room and pretend it was in paris because it was the only place they could find in manila that had an "authentic" european look and ambience. odiba??) we hope they keep their signature giant chandeliers in the lobby (and we hope they re-upholster the sofas; we sank deep into one when we sat!)... if you want to sit and have a drink and a smoke (yes, you can smoke) and be entertained by a torch singer, check out the tap room, which has an english-pub look and ambience. we plan to one of these nights...
(michael jackson photo courtesy of gwen cariño)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

rain rain... don't go away..?

whenever the weather is like this, we're always reminded of one of our many shopping regrets, which happened during our trip to madrid last march. there we were at the burberry outlet (which the spanish call blueberry because they can't pronounce it, go figure) and we were admiring a pair of wellies at 50% off—about €80. cheap, 'no?? our shopping buddy said, buy it! it rains half the year in manila! i don't know why more people don't wear rubber boots there! PLUS it was the last pair and it was in our size! then the devil's advocate showed up, peering over our shoulder, saying, when will you wear that? where will you wear that? you don't even commute. you don't even walk. you're always in a car. your feet don't even get wet. well, true. but they're so darn cute!! end of story: we didn't buy the boots. moral of the story: don't take your husband when you go shopping! anyhoo, aside from classic rubber boots, there are many stylish waterproof shoes out there. and they're all so darn cute! (and to make up for the lost burberry wellies, we managed to buy a marc jacobs mouse shoe in yellow jelly at rustan's makati, on sale from P9,000 down to P1,250! sorry but we got the last pair woo-hoo!) but you can try these on for size:

ballet flats by rainskimmers (
karim rashid for melissa wedge (
ashanti boot by melissa:
high-heel wedge sandals! (
rio by crocs: hanalei by crocs: havana by crocs:

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

another beauty blog

there have been many beauty events as of late, and more to come in the next couple weeks. like yesterday was the launch of olay total effects' new endorser, angel aquino, at the mandarin oriental ballroom. and her former "F" co-host (and current olay endorser) daphne oseña paez was there to introduce her. here's a pic of the two friends. aren't they gorgeous?? (and take note, preggy daphne is about pop any day now!) not to endorse or anything, but we currently use olay regenerist. but we're so bad at applying it (i.e., we forget, we're lazy, we don't need it, our skin looks ok), that we've had it for nearly eight months now. hindi ma-ubos-ubos! and once we're done, we're on to the next moisturizer lying around. our skin isn't that sensitive that we break out or dry up when trying something new. (but can we please say we LOVE olay's age-defying moisturizing bar? could rival our favorite dove...) so how do you know if something is working? well, last year, we remember bumping into a friend we hadn't seen in months. and you know what she says to us? "wow, you look great, what did you have done?" huwaaat?? now 10 years ago, a comment like this would've been offensive, but in this day and age of nips and tucks one can get during one's lunchbreak, it was actually quite flattering. because our answer was "nothing!" it must have been the strivectin we had been using for the last three months! now THAT'S an endorsement!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

a walk in park jun's

it's been a while since our last post. but let's not get into why, let's just pick up where we left off... and tell you what we've been up to. we tried a new salon, which has actually been open for the last six or so months: park jun's beauty professional. apparently, park jun is a real person and he is quite the celebrity in south korea. that's him on the wall. we imagine he must be as big as, say, fanny serrano or ricky reyes or jesi mendez—all marquee names in the local beauty industry. there was a bloggers day and we were one of the lucky ones invited to try out a treatment. when we got there, the pampering was in full swing. we spotted heart-2-heart. it was hard to miss sugarcandypop's curly locks. and the editor of style bible was there too. no pictures please while the gals have their wet heads of hair wrapped in towels, caps, and magic creams! let's tour na lang...

lockers wherein to keep your shopping bags out of sight and out of the way:
makeup room:
private VIP room for [fill in name of politico/ca, celebrity, socialite, pretentious (or just shy) person]:
shampoo station:
comfy chairs:
manicure table: after a hair analysis by one of the head hair experts (they're all korean, by the way), no less than creative director maiya noh, it was decided that some moisturizing hair treatment was best for us. go! we trust them 100%! we don't remember the exact name, but it's a japanese innovation with a five-step process that includes a spray of hot air to open the cuticles, then after application of the treatments, a spray of cold air to close the cuticles (photo below by heart-2-heart): well, it's been days and our usually buhaghag hair has been quite tame and not-so-dry and less, er, buhaghag. hope this lasts! otherwise, we could be a monthly familiar face at glorietta...

park jun is located in glorietta 3 (entrance beside gloria jeans), tel 819-3001 to 02.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

travelife: jul/aug 2009

model/actress helena belmonte goes sightseeing in macau. photographed by sly samonte. styling by liza ilarde. coat by kate torralba, bag by louis vuitton

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

michael jackson's first visit to manila, 1976

UPDATE: we just added some captions to identify the people in the photos...

today the fash pack has its own memorial for michael jackson. these precious photos were passed on to us a few days ago. it documents michael jackson's first visit to manila with the rest of the jacksons, including daddy joe, in 1976. these faded photos were when they guested on "student canteen," the top-rated noontime TV show back then. they had a michael jackson sound-alike contest and he was there to crown the winner. apparently, michael looked very uncomfortable with the idea of having to select one winner and when the time came, he raised BOTH finalists' hands! isn't that a very michael thing to do??

below, left to right: the jacksons tito, jackie, and michael with hosts coney reyes, eddie ilarde, and bobby ledesma (the bow-tied guy on the left with curly hair and moustache is actor/comedian ricky manalo who was a temporary host)
L-R: marlon, michael, and randy
L-R: marlon, tito, jackie, michael, and randy
michael sang a ballad that day: "ben"
as you can see, the studio was jampacked that day. the hosts didn't even have space to step away from the set
meanwhile, it was pandemonium outside as fans waited to get a glimpse of michael and his brothers
as michael sings, daddy joe dances with a member of the audience we are still glued to CNN for updates, read different tributes, watch his videos, listen to his songs, and still can't get over that the king of pop is dead. we'll be watching the memorial by midnight tonight. and we'll be crying with the rest of the world...

Sunday, July 05, 2009

jewelmer GB5 opens

last week, at the face off show at the CCP, we managed to get backstage and take a sneak peek at the three designers' collections. rhett spotted us and showed us the yummy jewelmer pearls laid out in a long table for his models to wear. and since we were wearing a rhett eala that night, he said we could choose a neckpiece to complete the look! well, who are we to say no to that?? so we chose a long pearl necklace, which we twirled twice around our neck to make it look like a three-strand necklace. feeling hollywood celebrity loaning millions of dollars worth of jewelry for the red carpet! only difference is no paparazzi took our picture that night. then after the show, we had to go back backstage to return the pearls. the fantasy was over... we mention this because last monday, jewelmer opened its new store in greenbelt 5 in a space that used to be occupied by lila almario. (sad to see greenbelt 5 stores closing shop one after another... and still so many un-occupied spaces.) we can ogle and drool over the pearls there any time we want!

the invite stated 3pm and by 4pm, the ribbon-cutter finally arrived: it was kris aquino! no, she isn't the new endorser and she won't appear in any ads. but apparently, she has been a jewelmer customer for many years and she recently asked jewelmer to sponsor the jewelry she wears on all her TV shows. here she is inside the store... posing with models isabel, girlie, and bianca... being interviewed (check out the jewelmer cuff, which is what she usually loans from jewelmer)... and hobnobbing with guests. here she is telling daphne oseña paez how much she loves her show "urban zone"... (if you're curious—as we were—as to who made kris's dress, it's by martin bautista. we asked her!)