Monday, July 27, 2009

GMA + SONA = fashion show

OK, how can we not post about GMA's last (?) state of the nation address. it was the talk of the town today! but we don't care about what she said. what we really wanted to know was what was she going to wear?? so while we were in the office, we slipped out after 4pm to buy some merienda and the tindero was watching the SONA live on his rinky-dink TV set, so we took a peek. all we could see was GMA from the chest up. we saw a hot-pink terno with little finger-like thingies sticking up from her neckline (parang gusto shang isakal). there were some funny comments on facebook, twitter, and assorted blogs about this terno designed by inno sotto. looking at it full-length, it was a well-cut gown with impeccable construction. the silhouette was classic with a twist, the twist being those thick fringes sticking out from her (fake?) boobs. and that's all we're going to say! everyone's a (fashion) critic! but one of the funniest we read on twitter said "GMA looks like an unhappy meal toy from a fuchsia carton of fries." lol!!!

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