Sunday, July 05, 2009

jewelmer GB5 opens

last week, at the face off show at the CCP, we managed to get backstage and take a sneak peek at the three designers' collections. rhett spotted us and showed us the yummy jewelmer pearls laid out in a long table for his models to wear. and since we were wearing a rhett eala that night, he said we could choose a neckpiece to complete the look! well, who are we to say no to that?? so we chose a long pearl necklace, which we twirled twice around our neck to make it look like a three-strand necklace. feeling hollywood celebrity loaning millions of dollars worth of jewelry for the red carpet! only difference is no paparazzi took our picture that night. then after the show, we had to go back backstage to return the pearls. the fantasy was over... we mention this because last monday, jewelmer opened its new store in greenbelt 5 in a space that used to be occupied by lila almario. (sad to see greenbelt 5 stores closing shop one after another... and still so many un-occupied spaces.) we can ogle and drool over the pearls there any time we want!

the invite stated 3pm and by 4pm, the ribbon-cutter finally arrived: it was kris aquino! no, she isn't the new endorser and she won't appear in any ads. but apparently, she has been a jewelmer customer for many years and she recently asked jewelmer to sponsor the jewelry she wears on all her TV shows. here she is inside the store... posing with models isabel, girlie, and bianca... being interviewed (check out the jewelmer cuff, which is what she usually loans from jewelmer)... and hobnobbing with guests. here she is telling daphne oseña paez how much she loves her show "urban zone"... (if you're curious—as we were—as to who made kris's dress, it's by martin bautista. we asked her!)


Anonymous said...

Lol... awkward moment with the spinach and all. haha

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this Liza =) it was nice seeing you that afternoon... Carmina