Sunday, July 19, 2009

kira plastinina

if you dare brave the insane megamall traffic today, be sure to check out a new shop that just opened yesterday in building B, second floor, right across carolina's and a couple of spaces away from linea italia: kira plastinina. it's a russian brand that was started three years ago by supposedly the youngest professional fashion designer, 15-year-old (at the time she launched the brand) kira plastinin. the brand was brought here by keri (cute play on their names, huh? :-) here she is (below left) with her partner and sister ruby ann: upon inspecting the merchandise, the clothes are really for the young, trend-conscious market who like a lotta pink! prices are not bad: bottoms for 2k+, jackets for 3k+, and dresses for 4k+. models showing us how to put the pieces together:

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roderick naputo said...

totally awesome store!!!