Thursday, July 16, 2009

rain rain... don't go away..?

whenever the weather is like this, we're always reminded of one of our many shopping regrets, which happened during our trip to madrid last march. there we were at the burberry outlet (which the spanish call blueberry because they can't pronounce it, go figure) and we were admiring a pair of wellies at 50% off—about €80. cheap, 'no?? our shopping buddy said, buy it! it rains half the year in manila! i don't know why more people don't wear rubber boots there! PLUS it was the last pair and it was in our size! then the devil's advocate showed up, peering over our shoulder, saying, when will you wear that? where will you wear that? you don't even commute. you don't even walk. you're always in a car. your feet don't even get wet. well, true. but they're so darn cute!! end of story: we didn't buy the boots. moral of the story: don't take your husband when you go shopping! anyhoo, aside from classic rubber boots, there are many stylish waterproof shoes out there. and they're all so darn cute! (and to make up for the lost burberry wellies, we managed to buy a marc jacobs mouse shoe in yellow jelly at rustan's makati, on sale from P9,000 down to P1,250! sorry but we got the last pair woo-hoo!) but you can try these on for size:

ballet flats by rainskimmers (
karim rashid for melissa wedge (
ashanti boot by melissa:
high-heel wedge sandals! (
rio by crocs: hanalei by crocs: havana by crocs:

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