Thursday, July 30, 2009

raining in iloilo

it's raining in iloilo today. no guimaras boat trip today. so we went
shopping. uk uk shopping. scored some cheap goods. and to think we
swore off ukay shopping! well, how could we resist a super-cool jean
jacket by jean paul gaultier for 330 pesos?? then it was lunch at breakthrough
restaurant. what a strange name for a restaurant. maybe they meant to
call it breakwater? because look at the view from our table, above. we
could sit here all afternoon eating oysters and drinking san mig
light. but we didn't. there are other things to attend to. more later!


fuchsiaboy said...


i'm so glad iloilo ukay didn't disappoint. when i was still living there i get tons of designer stuff. my friends and i started even calling some shops homme et femme iloilo because of the abundance of jil sander, comme des garcons, dries.

last visit, i scored an ann demeulemeester, several comme and a very nice dries van noten button down.

the fash pack said...

we're here with puey Q and he found a marc jacobs jacket for 100 pesos! sabi namin we'll buy it from you for 200!

fuchsiaboy said...

there's lots of other little ukay stores there. lahat airconditioned and naka hanger yung stuff. i found like 3 marni for a friend in magarbo gaisano.

how was puey q's show in del rio? my mom might have watched.

the fash pack said...

ooh marni we want!! are you from iloilo ba? can you please tell us some worthwhile places to visit for a travel story??

fuchsiaboy said...

yep, i lived in iloilo.

must see in iloilo, old ancentral houses like the sanson montinolla house in jaro, the abanilla house in arevallo, the pison house in molo, lopez mansion, the house owned by zafiro ledesma, etc. then the ukay of course. the miag-ao church, the beaches and guimaras, also. actually, when im in iloilo all i do is eat and go ukay. most people i know visit churches. the one in molo has lady saints only so it's interesting. i think it's always the food of iloilo that makes the place interesting besides the usual batchoy, pancit molo and biscocho. there's other pre-hispanic pastries made by panaderia de molo, so maybe that's worth a see. :) oh and isla naburot and roca encantada in guimaras is nice to see. and racsos mini zoo.