Sunday, July 26, 2009

tie a yellow ribbon

we think it's quite tragic that our former president cory aquino has been lying in a hospital bed for the last month, fighting for her life. but what is even more tragic is when people send text messages with false information that she has died. it was last friday while having lunch that we checked our facebook on our iphone and there, one of our friends posted: "Our former President Cory Aquino passed away past 12nn today. Please pause for a short prayer." (quotation marks hers.) naturally, other friends posted comments of condolences and prayers. we were sad to hear this and texted close friends about the message, but at the same time asked them to confirm it if they could. we also went online to verify the news via gma, abs-cbn, inquirer, and star's websites. and as we were doing this, another FB friend commented that the news was not true. but so many people believed it. even the british embassy. somebody's head is going to roll over there because just about the same time we read that FB post, we received a media release via e-mail from them expressing their condolences. the subject read "Media Release: UK Government extends condolences following the death of President Corazon Aquino" and the release began, "Following the news of Corazon Aquino's death Foreign Office Minister Lord Malloch Brown has extended the British Government's condolences to her family." then 30 minutes later, they recanted by sending another statement that said, "Our deepest apologies, it appears the information we received was premature. Please embargo our statement until Pres. Aquino's passing has been confirmed. Thank you very much for your understanding." yesterday, we received another e-mail, this time from chris wright, the head of political section of the british embassy, and he wrote: "With apologies for the confusion caused yesterday by the premature release of a statement of condolences to Cory Aquino’s family. I wanted to make clear that we fully withdraw the statement and will re-issue a new one when the time comes."

whatever your political color, put it aside and take a moment and join the rest of the country and pray for her healing.

painting: "untitled" by cory aquino, march 2002, 16"x12", oil on canvas. (credit:

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