Tuesday, July 14, 2009

a walk in park jun's

it's been a while since our last post. but let's not get into why, let's just pick up where we left off... and tell you what we've been up to. we tried a new salon, which has actually been open for the last six or so months: park jun's beauty professional. apparently, park jun is a real person and he is quite the celebrity in south korea. that's him on the wall. we imagine he must be as big as, say, fanny serrano or ricky reyes or jesi mendez—all marquee names in the local beauty industry. there was a bloggers day and we were one of the lucky ones invited to try out a treatment. when we got there, the pampering was in full swing. we spotted heart-2-heart. it was hard to miss sugarcandypop's curly locks. and the editor of style bible was there too. no pictures please while the gals have their wet heads of hair wrapped in towels, caps, and magic creams! let's tour na lang...

lockers wherein to keep your shopping bags out of sight and out of the way:
makeup room:
private VIP room for [fill in name of politico/ca, celebrity, socialite, pretentious (or just shy) person]:
shampoo station:
comfy chairs:
manicure table: after a hair analysis by one of the head hair experts (they're all korean, by the way), no less than creative director maiya noh, it was decided that some moisturizing hair treatment was best for us. go! we trust them 100%! we don't remember the exact name, but it's a japanese innovation with a five-step process that includes a spray of hot air to open the cuticles, then after application of the treatments, a spray of cold air to close the cuticles (photo below by heart-2-heart): well, it's been days and our usually buhaghag hair has been quite tame and not-so-dry and less, er, buhaghag. hope this lasts! otherwise, we could be a monthly familiar face at glorietta...

park jun is located in glorietta 3 (entrance beside gloria jeans), tel 819-3001 to 02.

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how much did it cost you? :)