Saturday, August 08, 2009

the end of an era

talk about saying goodbye to your childhood. with the numerous recent deaths of personalities who were a big part of our growing-up years, it's like a part of you dies too and you can never get it back. yesterday, we went to ayala center to quickly meet up with a friend, but who was delayed because she joined the rally (or what they like to call the necrological services) for the national artist awards. so we got to kill some time and here is what we saw:

we don't know when this happened, but it was a bit of a shock to see a huge chunk of what we used to call quad finally torn down. this is the portion of glorietta that was "bombed." haaay it brought back memories of watching movies here when a ticket cost, er, six bucks (or thereabouts...). we became nostalgic for those days when we didn't mind standing or—eww—sitting on the floor when the cinema was full (or SRO—standing room only). the concept now seems bizarre—why would you want to pay just to stand for two hours??

this is inside glorietta. half the activity center has been closed off. we didn't have the time to go all the way around, but it looks like the entire glorietta 1 and 2 have been shut down. what happened to all the stores that used to be there?

what is this? a one-peso sale?? we didn't go in, but apparently if you buy three items at any linea italia store (this one is in park square 1), you only pay P1 for the lowest-priced item! sounds like a good deal. that is, if you can actually find three items to buy...

it looked like our friend wasn't going to make it back in time for our appointment, so we decided to cross the bridge to greenbelt to check out was new. looky! collezione C2's first freestanding store in makati! (they have one in market! market! but that's in taguig, which most people mistakenly label as being in makati.) this is in greenbelt 5, phase 2, second floor, right next to karton (the side alley beside marks & sparks). congratulations to rhett eala and the collezione team! we can't tell you how many times we spotted the my pilipinas shirt on TV during the five-day coverage of tita cory's wake and funeral—in yellow of course :-)

but this was the most exciting thing we saw! tory burch! (remember how we reported on this last april?) it says "opening fall 2009"—a little birdie told us that'll be in late october. in the meantime, we will just stare at the patterned tarpaulin that covers the space formerly occupied by dotdotdot. we love it! we think it'll make a nice wallpaper for our living room :-)

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Anonymous said...

yay! now i don't need to go to woodbury common outlet to hoard tory burch bags and reva flats. but i'm sure it would be a lot more expensive here.