Wednesday, August 05, 2009

goodbye, tita cory...

it was dark, cloudy, and very windy. but there was no rain when we went out to roxas boulevard to say goodbye to former president corazon c. aquino. the requiem mass for her at the manila cathedral had ended and people were lining the streets all the way to manila memorial park in paraƱaque, waiting to see her for one last time before she is finally laid to rest. so we joined the people out on the streets and waited for her cortege to drive by. we're glad we went. we're glad we got the chance to say goodbye. we're glad we became part of history. some random scenes...

people in yellow standing on roxas boulevard, in between rajah sulayman plaza and the baywalk, waiting for the funeral procession:
a big screen was set up so that the public can watch the live coverage and be updated of where the cortege is (thank you to whoever sponsored this):
people stood in as high a spot as possible in order to view the procession:
these guys had an excellent vantage point on the rooftop of aristocrat:
view of rajah sulayman plaza. you can see malate church and a tall ugly building at the back:
when the helicopter flew by, everyone raised their hands and made the laban sign:
photographers taking pictures of people taking pictures of them:
it's actually prohibited by law to put words on the flag this way, but today we will ignore it:
paalam, madame cory. may your spirit live on in the hearts of every filipino...


cynical_witch said...

Nice, fashpack.

In honor of Cory, I wore yesterday, practically the only yellow top I owned in a sea of black, haha!

And yesterday, it was very easy to spot the Filipinos in the crowd here. A lot were in yellow. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, the dark sky and strong winds… it's like God played cinematographer that day. I'm sure it added to the gravity of this loss.

Edda Ersando said...

Thank you Tita Cory. Kudos to the Marcos children. Kudos to the Aquino children and grandchildren. That is CLASS.

Now, it is time for GMA and family to pack up and LEAVE.

Anonymous said...

oMG . na-touch ako.