Monday, August 31, 2009

how we spent the long weekend

people and bloggers have been talking about this place that sells cheap japanese goodies in robinsons galleria called saizen. we're rarely in that necka the woods at mabuti na lang kasi we finally got to go and we went nuts! we went down each and every aisle—took us an hour and a half. everything at 85 pesos each! how do they make money?? we bumped into designer JC buendia there and he said the trick is to buy stuff that you think costs more than 85 bucks para sulit. but how will you know how much they cost elsewhere? like we bought an eyelash curler for 85 bucks—eh magkano ba yan sa landmark? and who knew we needed this stuff??

some rubber thumb-and-finger thimble thingy to help you pick up paper from a stack (or to count money) instead of licking your fingers:
set of patchwork coasters (too bad it didn't come in other colors and prints):
socks for your chair's feet (baka malamigan haha):
printed oil blotters (we got the leopard-print, of course—don't know if it works, though!):
little monster dolls:
japanese-patterned cloth for handicraft decorations:
japanese fancy paper used for origami (love the print!)
owl-shaped containers for soy sauce, salt, pepper, and togarashi:
bronze-colored bobby pins:
piggy sponge (will make washing dishes fun):
bear's shaped [sic] curtain holder:
and what are we going to do with all this stuff?? ewan! basta cute kasi eh! well, at least for every four items we bought, we were allowed to choose a free item from a rack of goodies (we bought 15 items—do the math!).


Anonymous said...

Haha! Those monster dolls cost 7 RMB in Beijing on the streets... roughly P49. :)

Edrick said...


Anonymous said...

how come there's free stuff?

the fash pack said...

oh they had a promo that week--for every four items purchased you get to choose one item free from a rack. don't know, though, if they still have that promo now