Sunday, August 09, 2009

iphone 3GS

here's a post that's been put on the back burner and is over a week overdue because of the whirlwind of activities happening in this crazy country of ours. the new iphone 3GS is now available in the philippines through globe (since jul 31). we've been tinkering with one and find that it's fastfastfast. plus it's got a cool new voice command: "call the husband!" "play the essential michael jackson!" "what the hell song is that??" hello, available in 15 languages! if you're an all-around user (and not just a caller and texter), we highly recommend it. personally, we love the new camera. at 3 megapixels, it's way sharper—great for blogging! they invented the touch-to-focus, which will be the next standard in digital cameras. and it's got video finally! which you can edit and upload to youtube instantly. here's a pic of our dinner tonight (a double cheeseburger, new on the menu of elbert's cheesesteak sandwiches in power plant mall): pretty sharp eh? and if you're looking for a cute case to carry your new iphone 3GS, you might like these from the amber collection of karrots: cute noh? you can actually use them as evening purses when all you need is your iphone (and some mad money :-)

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Weeeeeeeee!!!! *cartwheels & jumping jacks* FashPack, THANK YOU =)