Friday, August 28, 2009

lamp or shoes?

like many working women, we consider ourselves a weekend housewife. the whole week we're zipping about town attending events and going to meetings; that or sitting on our fat ass in front of the computer writing, editing, and, er, facebooking. by the weekend, we attend not events but to our, er, wifely duties. and part of that is beautifying the home. we've been looking for a nice pendant lamp to go over our dinner table and we spotted the perfect lamp in a segunda-mano shop: this is an original kartell fl/y lamp, which costs about P14,000 brand new. for this second-hand, slightly used, but still in good condition lamp, all they were asking was P2,500! sold! unfortunately, it already was—to someone else, waaah!! we went back twice to check if the reservee had changed his mind but no dice. if we wanted, we could get a brand new, never-used one in rustan's for, yes, P14,000. and in other colors too! haay so mahal... kailan kaya ang sale? yesterday, we checked dexterton in greenbelt 5, baka sakali may sale. nada. instead we spotted kartell shoes. kartell shoes?? check out these cute little jelly flats (called "glue cinderella"), which the new york times has declared are back! they only cost P6,800 and were being offered at 10% off as an introductory price. not bad. but can we hang them over the dinner table...?


Conci said...

Forget the lamp - get the shoes! You're probably never home enough to enjoy the lamp. OR get hubby to pay for the lamp (that's what I do!).

Noelle V. Dotillos said...

Awwww. That's too bad for the lamp! It's really pretty! I'd rather have the lamp than the shoes. Home deserves to be beautiful once in a while ;)

Rachelle said...

Of course I'll say "get the lamp." :) The jelly shoes are cute tho! Do you get them free if you buy a Kartell piece? :)