Friday, August 07, 2009

RIP: john hughes

director/writer/producer john hughes dead at 59 (aug 6). he suffered a heart attack while taking a morning walk in manhattan.

we have never written so many obits in such a short span of time. in the last couple of months, how many icons of our youth have passed away? what is going on?? does this mean we are really getting old??

for anyone who was in high school or college in the 80s, john hughes' films about teen angst were life-changing for many of us. from molly ringwald classics "sixteen candles" and pretty in pink" to the oddball characters of "the breakfast club" and "some kind of wonderful" to everyboy's fantasy-come-true "ferris bueller's day off" and "weird science," we all saw ourselves in each of those characters. he truly captured the spirit of the times. sigh... the 80s are officially over.

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