Thursday, August 13, 2009

RIP: kennely anne lacia binay

it's funny how you can get a lot of your news via facebook. tuesday afternoon as we checked our FB, several friends were sending their condolences to the binay family, but didn't say why. then when we checked again in the early evening, one of our friends expressed her sadness and said why: that the makati mayor's daughter-in-law, kennely anne lacia binay, had passed away while giving birth to her premature (seven months) baby. she was only 29. we were in shock! we knew this girl! we did not know her well and we were not close, but back in the late 90s/early 00s, we worked with her several times when we used to edit meg magazine. in her teens, before she got married, she was a model for cinderella's 17 jeune compangie and an image model for colgate minti-rinse toothpaste (along with anne curtis and sandra seifert). back then, she used another name, audrey vizcarra. we can't help but feel sad for her and for the young family she left behind (her husband councilor junjun and three other children). below is the news item from that confirmed the news:

Binay’s daughter-in-law passes away
Premature baby survives

By NiƱa Catherine Calleja
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 15:51:00 08/11/2009

MANILA, Philippines – (UPDATE) The wife of Makati City Councilor Jun Jun Binay, son of Mayor Jejomar Binay, passed away Tuesday, due to complications of her pregnancy as she gave birth to a baby girl, seven months into term.

The baby girl of Kennely Ann Lacia Binay, 29, is now in an incubator at the neonatal section of the Makati Medical Center, according to Rico Millarez, a member of Mayor Binay’s staff, correcting an announcement earlier in the day by the city information office that the baby died.

Kennely expired at 12:06 p.m. at the Makati Medical Center, Joey Salgado, head of the Makati city information office, said.

Kennely, who had been confined in the hospital for a month because of a difficult pregnancy, was also mother to girls Jejomari Alexi, 6, and Maria Isabel, 3, and one-year-old boy Jejomar III.

The wake will be held Tuesday evening at 8776 Banuyo corner Santol in Makati, Salgado said in a separate emailed statement


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a sad occurrence.

Hope the family is holding up OK, and I send them my condolences.

She truly was a nice girl, and very easy to work with. Didn't know she used a professional name, though.

(Also "wow" - hey thefashpack, didn't know you still had the copy of this. Audrey is the official first repeat cover girl of Meg!)

the fash pack said...

yes, details-later, we kept all the copies of meg we worked on. pero talo kami sa trivia mo! we didn't realize that audrey was the first repeat cover girl. she indeed was on the cover again in dec 1999 with the other two colgate minti-rinse girls

Lennie said...

Wait, what? Kennely is also Audrey Vizcarra? I do remember her now. She was also a child actress, I dunno if she's the one who played the daughter of Rolly and Madel in John and Marsha back in the day. She was also one time the face of Eskinol.
Gosh, she's only 29. So sad. I hope the baby pulls through. RIP, Kennely.

the fash pack said...

yes, lennie, we think you're right. if we remember correctly, that was her in "john en marsha." she was also one of the hosts on "cyberkada"

jielette said...

i will miss ate ken..
she lived closed to our house in makati. she was really pretty. and she used to sponsored basketball leagues in our place like every year together with her husband. i knew his bros and sis, popcorn. im really sad. and still cant believed that shes gone. i thought i'd see her again on my next visit to makati, but i was wrong :(
she was in john and marsha, then she joined abs cbn 'ang tv' then she made some movies then model, etc.
i will totally miss her.
i've been praying for her entire family...

Anonymous said...

oh sya pala si ken-ken na anak ni rolly and madel sa john en marsha?
though i only remember her as audrey vizcarra during her star circle days.
condolences to her family..
my heart goes to out to the kids she left behind..they're too young to lose their mom..

Anonymous said...

kennelyn was my classmate in Arellano University School of Law, she was so friendly and down to earth person. i was so sad to learn that she died in the prime of her age.. i miss u ken

Anonymous said...

Sorry ha, fashpack, masamang tao ang mga Binay e. RIP, but there you go.

mench_2522 said...

So sad,her kids were very young to lose a mom,i knew ken from before i've been with her in some campaigns and i used to see her during basketball league.She's so pretty & friendly,i was shocked when i heard the news.Condolence to her family.

Anonymous said...

I just heard about her passing today. I know I am not updated, but I have known her from John en Marsha. And when she came back into acting, she tried sitcoms, and she was really funny. She's this clueless and "eengot engot" na magandang babae sa sitcom, dko na matandaan kung anung name ng sitcom. Kinda late, I know, but my condolences to the Binay family. =(

Anonymous said...

i know her..i thnk model xa ng eskinol..and f im not mistaken ex gf xa ni dingdong dantes....