Wednesday, August 26, 2009

rockwell rocks

there are a lot of things happening in rockwell this week. if you've been at power plant mall this past couple weeks, you may have seen the signs all over the mall telling you to "be scene." we didn't know what it was all about till we got this in the mail. click, read, and be scene! oops, looks like we already missed the first night tonight. you still have august 27 and 28!

then overlapping with this three-day event is another three-day event: rockwell's urban bazaar on august 28, 29, and 30 at the rockwell tent. this has almost become a seasonal tradition since it first started as the vintage bazaar in 2005.
then while you're there, look for the rainboots and get the chance to win six pairs of plueys or rainskimmers! one for each day of the week! (er, on sunday you stay home barefoot...)
but if you're longing for those vintage-bazaar days, this may be more your kinda sale: the carboot sale on august 29 and 30 at rockwell club's parking area. one woman's trash may be another woman's treasure!
then on monday, august 31 you stay home and rest because it's a holiday :-)

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