Friday, August 14, 2009

sale! sale! sale!

check out this new brand called poivre, a new clothing line by PR maven carmina sanchez. we missed its launch at the ramp last month because we were sick huhuhu... but do check out the collection of super-chic (but super-comfy) separates. they're super-versatile too as carmina herself proved to us a couple weeks ago when we traveled together to iloilo—she wore a pair of harem pants, a tank, and a funky cardigan on the plane going home. by the time we landed in manila, with just a change of accessories—heels, jewelry, makeup—she was ready for a dinner date! and here's some good news: they're having a sale that starts today! check it out at the ramp, glorietta 3. (and where there's cava, the fash pack is there! see ya!) get to know the brand (and how to pronounce it :-) and view the collection at

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CarminaS said...

Thanks so much for announcing the sale Liza! The funky cardigan is already in the store alongside some new funky pieces that include stretch velvet leggings (!)... but the harem pants will come in next week pa. Hope you can check them out =)