Saturday, August 15, 2009

sale! sale! sale!

we're finally done with our current skin-care set. time to start with another brand. the generous people at pond's were kind enough to send us this hatbox-shaped package filled with the complete set of pond's age miracle: daily regenerating facial foam, concentrated resurfacing serum, daily resurfacing cream SPF15++ day cream, and overnight repair dream night cream (plus a matching bimpo :-). thank you, pond's, we will start with this new skin-care regimen today (because yes we are aging, and yes we need a miracle). (and can we just add that we love packaging like this because we can use the box after to store our little doodads :-) and if you are like us—that is, aging and need a miracle—get your own pond's at their big beauty sale! up to 70% off! starts today! go to the pond's website for the complete list of products on sale, the original and discounted prices, and participating outlets nationwide.

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