Sunday, September 06, 2009

gap 1969

last week, gap launched its 1969 collection of jeans for men and women at their bonifacio high street store. our friend deatils-later told us to look for alessandro nivola—sino sha? so anyhoo what is the significance of 1969? we don't know, we were late for the event because we forgot all about it. sayang, we intended to wear our gap khaki designer-edition dress by vena cava pa naman. by the time we got there, the event was in full swing. we caught each guest holding up a little whiteboard with the words "born to" and you were supposed to fill in the blank then have your picture taken. ano kaya kami? born to blog? born to facebook? born to shop? sus ang co-corny, walang ma-isip...
others got to sign this wall asking the question "what were you born to do?" cute yung ibang mga sagot. we still couldn't think of anything witty to write...
let's check out the jeans na lang...
so what's your bootylicious fit?
how about for the boys... are you straight?
alessandro, are you here?
or here...?
check out the gap website, we love how the 1969 models in the catalog can move!

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Anonymous said...

Haha, the shout outs are hilarious! Thanks!

Sadly Alessandro is not on the store photo campaigns — yet! He is on the Gap 1969 "Born To…" campaign.

Guess he was born to do something, while the models in the photos were born to… model. (Meow!)

Sino si Alessandro? Apparently the love of Coco Chanel's life, at least in the movies. In real life, the love of his life is Emily Mortimer (as in mawwied with kid).