Friday, September 04, 2009

heather miss grey

the fash pack is so proud of and impressed with (and envious of!) blogger friends who are so entrepreneurial! over the weekend, chuvaness sent out an emergency e-mail about the launch of her limited-edition collection for bleach catastrophe called "heather miss grey" on september 3 at greenbelt 5. alam niyo, 'yang cecile zamora van straten na 'yan, kahit mayaman na siya at hindi na kailangan magtrabaho, eh masipag talaga. we've known her since the 80s and although we're not super-close or best friends, we've always known her to be quite business-minded. as a designer, she was one of the first ones to re-work vintage fabrics and retaso into her long lola skirts. (now why we don't own one of those, we don't know. all of a sudden, we feel so baduy, ngek.) we'll always remember her first solo show back in 1997 as one of the most innovative and original that we've seen in manila. then there are her (unfortunately) now-defunct underground-fashion retail institutions grocery, defect, and store for all seasons. then one day, she announced that she was retiring from fashion and getting into the food business. o diba work pa rin lola mo. well, miss C, we're glad to see you've decided to dip your platform shoe back into the biz. introducing heather miss grey...

the ethereal store display:
the eco-friendly label:
the chic-a guests who bought that day:
and the cool people who came wearing their own heather miss grey!
and not to be missed, the gal who started bleach catastrophe, cristine:


Anonymous said...

thank you for your post. ahluvett!! funny pics.
thanks for being there

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