Thursday, September 10, 2009

new new new ipods

remember the ipod flea? well, apple is getting there! when the smallest ipod shuffle was introduced last march, it was groundbreaking not just because of its size, but because it talks to you! but early today (09-09-09 in the US), steve jobs made his first public appearance in nearly a year—yey he's back! he's well! he looks good!—to introduce colors!
here's the back view (love that logo!):
now we're not much of an ipod user (our iphone will do), but if you are, then you will love the newnewnew ipod nano: it now comes with a camera that takes photos AND video!
but, stevie, baby, where is the mini macbook we've been pining for?? sige ka, baka bumili kami ng vaio, HP, or eee (eeek!)...

for more info on the new apple products, go here.

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