Sunday, September 13, 2009

scenes from the malls

it was that time of the, er, every two months when we get to go trawl the malls. here are some random things we spotted this past week:

1. we actually went all the way to mall of asia and saw that this formerly unoccupied space is now a team manila lifestyle area: isn't it ironic that a guy with a union jack emblazoned on his T-shirt walks by just as we clicked the cam? hee-hee... and right across from that is a funky-filipino-themed tarpaulin. wow, are all of these spots theirs?? they've really come a long way!
2. we reported a month ago about collezione C2 opening in greenbelt 5. well, they're really blanketing the city of makati because they've also just opened in glorietta 3 and will open in power plant mall by october 8. (we're digging the cory-yellow tribute. anything with yellow is sold out at the stores!)
3. and speaking of power plant mall, pick up a copy of the mall's "newsletter" (actually a mini-mag) called plant. it's free! the mag is available at entrances of the mall and at select mall tenants' stores. the first cover gal is chuvaness! (who also happens to own the top-selling food outlet, pepper lunch.)
4. remember in the early days how mango used to give away free "mango" candies at the counter? well, they're back and this time in smints form. we grabbed a handful of these and stuffed them into our purse, sshhh...
5. and look at these adorable flip-flops! called hotflops, they're adorned with plastic charms of every persuasion. aside from sporty basketballs, baseballs, footballs, volleyballs, and golfballs, check these out!

their kiosk is located at greenbelt 5, near bleach catastrophe.

6. ayala malls is on this "green" kick and is in fact going to have a "greenology" event on september 17. there are stations throughout greenbelt where you can drop off your used plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and assorted paper, which are made into art installations like this one by the university of santo tomas's college of fine arts & design (looks like a giant apple!):
7. meanwhile, while walking through GB3, we were surprised to see that max studio had closed and in its place, we saw this: XOXO to open soon. at sino po si miranda kerr? (we just checked wikipedia and found out that she is one of victoria's secret's angels and is dating orlando bloom. we hate her already!!)

8. and on our way out of greenbelt 3, lookie lookie at what we spotted in the space formerly occupied by max brenner: a new store being built and boarded up in hermès orange! could it be...???


Anonymous said...

yes. its hermes!!! said...

I saw those flip-flops, or should I say hotflops instead :P
Cool design!