Wednesday, September 02, 2009

the senior, the sick, the sudden

they say that death happens in threes. well, this year the allotment has gone way beyond that number. we have never seen so many deaths happen. we have never written so many RIP posts. facebook is beginning to look like an obit. almost every day, we read about people, both famous and not, who die from an illness, in a tragic manner, or by violent means. while it is still sad and heartbreaking, when people of a certain age pass away from natural causes, we celebrate the full life they have lived and can only hope that we live that long and well; or when people with a lingering illness end up losing the battle, we can be thankful that they are no longer in pain and are now in a better place. but when people die suddenly and unexpectedly, when death comes like a thief in the night, it is shocking and we are at a loss—for words, for emotions, for an explanation. when a child drowns during a boating accident. when a celebrity dies from an accidental drug overdose. when a guy who was just living his life is murdered in his own home. you have to ask, why them? we don't know. we can only pray for them.

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cynical_witch said...

Wow, serious post, fashpack. And you're right, this year there has seen more than the usual number of deaths--and 09 isn't even over yet!

In fact nytimes or nymag (can't remember where I read it) said that this was the summer of death. Of course, they were only counting the deaths of famous Americans but add that to our tally of famous (or at least, known) people who died recently, the number is way above normal. A sad situation all around. Lte's just pray for everyone. And most of all, keep safe coz given the recent news, you never really know where the danger will come from.