Wednesday, October 14, 2009

get fit, get fitflop

anyone who is involved in the beauty industry knows who marcia kilgore is. and if you don't, well, do your homework, honey. we don't have to list down her accomplishments here. the fash pack first met marcia (pronounced mar-see-ya, not mar-sha) when she came to the philippines over 10 years ago to launch her line of beauty products called bliss. we don't even remember who was distributing the products here back then. it was a stormy day when her press con was scheduled at the conservatory at the peninsula manila. work must have been called off or something because we were one of the few press people who showed up. and so today she came back to the philippines on another stormy day to launch fitflop, a line of flip-flops that claim you can "get a workout while you walk" (it says so in the sole). here she is at le soufflé at the fort giving us the story of how she came up with this brilliant idea.
these are not your ordinary chinelas. there is technology behind it and we don't need to get all technical about how it works, but in a nutshell, fitflop is a flip-flop with a built-in gym. in short, if you walk while wearing a pair (and we're talking about just everyday walking, like from your car to the air-conditioned mall or office), then you're exercising. we like! getting fit and you don't even realize it! these three active women below have been wearing fitflops for some time now and can attest to how effective (and comfortable) they are. from left, gem padilla, jaymie pizarro, and jeena lopez:
we can't wait to try on a pair and get fit! now na! goodbye wide hips, saddlebags, flabby knees, and cellulite...?
they just launched a collection for men and are now in the process of developing closed-type shoes. but never heels, says marcia! the press kit didn't say where fitflops are sold, but we know they have a kiosk at power plant mall.

PS: the host at tonight's launch announced that marcia donated one million pesos to the victims of typhoon ondoy. and marcia was kind enough to correct her and say that the donation was made under her and her nanny's name (she mentioned her name, sorry we forgot what it is). her nanny "who takes good care of my children" is a filipina.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE FITFLOPS! and Oprah too! it's very comfy&stylish! =)

cd said...

I wear my fitflops as pambahay. I figured might as well get the exercise while doing my chores and taking care of Berry, since I don't have time to go to the gym. I dunno if it really works, but they sure are super comfy! My mom loves it too she has a pair for outside the house! We love it!

donutsr4lyf said...

oh wow, sayang ladies line lang, perfect gift nga lang ito for christmas for my women folk.magkano pala price range niya? thanks.

fit flops said...

I have really bad ankles and regular uggs and shearling boots just don't have any support. I live in my fit flops during the summer because they keep my ankles from rolling. I don't necessarily love this style, but they do have a pair that look more like regular boots that are worth it for me and my lousy ankles.

fit flops said...

I just got a pair of FitFlop clogs last week and I've gotten so many compliments on them. And I also felt the changes and realized it actually burn some extra calories. I love it. :-)