Tuesday, October 06, 2009

happy birthday, the fash pack!

the fash pack is four years old today. and we have nothing much to say. as you may have noticed in the past few months, weeks, days—in fact, this entire year so far. we are humbled by all the sad things that have been happening to our country and to the world. how do we fit in? where do we fit in? we have had to re-think our position here... because in the larger scheme of things, what we are doing is so insignificant. writing about fashion... who cares??


TeTeT said...

hello...happy birthday fash pack!

anyhow, I just want to say that significant things comes from the "insignificant" ones. we may not see the results of what we do on a daily basis, but in the "larger scheme of things" as you out it, everything matters!

Cheer up!

fuchsiaboy said...

indeed! i must agree with tetet. happy birthday. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I hope you get over your blue funk soon. I love coming here, because you are so funny. And you state the obvious. I just came from Ground Zero Marikina and the place is just nakakakilabot. You see destruction. But you see everyone putting on brave faces and trying to help one another. Every one is helping out. There is good in the world, Ms. thefashpack. Maybe the birthday blues? Ah, that i can relate to.


Daphne OP said...

happy birthday!

the fashpack has gone a long way since you guested in ANCLife. I remember that's the first time you "came out" haha.

keep writing. we love reading you.

you are so not insignificant.

jvg said...

my first time to comment...

i care. keep writing. your words are missed.

fashion may seem insignificant in comparison to the struggles around us but (for people like me) it makes life somehow more bearable.

you are an inspiration, though you may not know it. you've inspired me for many, many years...

don't give up!

"...thats what's so great about us people--amidst everyday struggles, we still get up every morning and we thrive... and we do even better than that...because we thrive with humor, passion, compassion and STYLE."
--- Maya Angelou

cd said...

Happy Birthday to thefashpack!

Fashion may be frivolous, but it also gives great joy, it's a respite from reality and its a $300 Bn industry. Fashion creates jobs, feeds families. As Anna Wintour said, frivolity must have its foundations! ;)

As long as we do our share in giving back and sharing with others, there's no need to feel guilty!

Styles I Love said...

Hey Fash Pack!

We don't really know each other, but I've loved visiting your site for quite some time now.

Just wanted to say that you shouldn't feel guilty about doing something you love! You've brought much joy and inspiration with your witty posts and there's nothing irrelevant about that, not ever, and especially in times like these.

Now smile and have yourself a happy birthday, you! Lord knows you've spent years doing the same for other people. :)

queenmina said...

Dear Fash Pack--

Fashion isn't insignificant. And the Fash Pack is will never be insignificant. You're much too fabulous for that.

Happy birthday! Happy fashion thoughts! :)

Karrots said...

Happy birthday Fash Pack!

Your adventures, thoughts and purchases (real and wish lang) never fail to brighten up our days. Thank you for the gift of Fash!

We love the Fash Pack!

anna said...

happy, happy fashpack! you'll always have me, your biggest fan.

the fash pack said...

thank you, everyone, for your greetings. we feel the love! maraming salamat po sa inyong pagsubaybay sa aming munting blog. huwag sana kayong magsawa!