Monday, October 19, 2009

nooka na lang...

last thursday evening we went to the establishment at the fort to attend the launch of nooka watches. not familiar with nooka watches? neither were we. read all about it here. we promised the organizers that we'd drop by because we were getting all sorts of text messages bragging that the "genius" behind nooka, matthew waldman, was going to be there. never heard of him either. so how was it that an hour and a half after we arrived, we found the man himself sitting at our table, quaffing piper-heidsieck and snacking on mini-croquettes? the native new yorker was telling us all about his trip to korea before flying to manila. how he ate sautéed silkworms, and even showed us the video to prove it! an adventurous chap, this one. he didn't want to eat adobo—"too boring." but he was hungry! hence, the croquettes! he was also thirsty and asked for vodka on the rocks with a splash of cranberry. soon it was time to give away some nooka watches! here are some of the pretty people who won! squares all! (envious much??)

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