Saturday, October 24, 2009

penshoppe's revision

uh-oh we just saw an ad on ETC for "project runway philippines" and realized that the finals were today at 3pm at SMX. and we missed it. uh-oh. sorry about that... it's just that it's a saturday. and saturday is "me" day. personally, we don't even think of leaving the house. we like to wake up late. take a leisurely breakfast (more like brunch). watch "the nanny" on the hallmark channel. go online. facebook. lurk. blog-hop. pay the bills. watch the chismiss show. then uh-oh before you know it, gabi na. you get the drift...

yesterday was the first time we attended philippine fashion week ever since it moved to SMX four seasons ago. we were invited to a special dinner-show presented by penshoppe. it was an exclusive, by-invitation-only, sit-down dinner for just 150 people. according to the invitation, we will be "witnessing penshoppe's transformation." hmm what's that about? the show was titled "revision." hmm what was penshoppe up to? well, it was a very soshal affair with the food catered by margarita fores, complete with flowing veuve clicquot. look at the fancy table setting:
and the meticulously arranged place setting:
we're not kate torralba, but we were happy to be seated next to her (check out her fun blog, what KT did, on!). in between courses, penshoppe presented its four trends for 2010. starting with ethnic:
then country:
then gothic:
then futuristic:
it was at this point that we got a little distracted by one of penshoppe's image models, victor basa. he's smiling!


JDHoschka said...

hmmm..the styling..


umm really bad styling

Rachelle said...

I have mixed feelings about the whole show!!! :(

Anonymous said...

I think it's not so much the styling but the lighting of the's too bright, too day-time...that's why all the avant-garde styling look so weird and in-your-face...and the table set-up is so formal and classic, such mis-match concept!

stef juan said...


This is stef from metro society magazine. We'd like to ask for permission from you to use your photo of the catering by margarita fores for our feature on her. you can get in touch with me through stef.juan(at)gmail(dot)com.

of course, full credit will go to you (I need your real name of course) and to your website.

Thanks, hope to hear from you soon!