Monday, October 12, 2009

propaganda prospers

we remember back in the 90s when the "beauticians" and "parloristas" wanted to be more than just that and organized themselves to professionalize the beauty industry... that's when five of the best established propaganda—kasi pro paganda sila, haha, get it? the group included jing monis, juan sarte III, marlon rivera, cristine duque, and jay lozada. they set the standard for professionalism in the industry, which included being up-to-date with the latest trends, educating the public, setting the fees for editorial and advertising work, and becoming the top talents by which others should emulate. we love those guys (and gal). later on, the group put up its own salon, first at the third floor of rustan's makati (where debenhams is now), which later moved to greenbelt 1 3/f. eventually, the original members were joined by other makeup artists and hairdressers whose skills and talents were up to par: alex carbonell, lala flores, chechel joson, steven doloso, josa quintas... did we miss anyone? we don't know if propaganda still exists, but each one of them has gone on to more success. juan and cristine are fully booked doing commercial and editorial work (with the former recently acknowledged as doing the final makeup on tita cory's face). marlon has added another feather to his fully feathered cap, this time as fashion designer. and both alex and jing, two of the best cutters in town, are now marquee names—they each now have their names on the door. alex carbonell, who has been creative director for bench fix for many years, now has his own studio fix by alex carbonell at greenbelt 5... and tonight jing monis had the formal opening of his own salon. the propaganda salon in greenbelt 1 has now been renamed to jing monis by propaganda... congratulations, sisters, so proud of your achievements! pro paganda forever!

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