Sunday, October 18, 2009

rolex store robbed

we were driving down the SCTEX on the way home from an overnight trip to subic and it was just past noon when we got the first text that a watch store in greenbelt 5 was robbed by masked gunmen and shooting ensued. then reports started trickling into twitter and facebook. this is how brazen criminals have become. they dare rob a store in broad daylight on a sunday when families are out having lunch or shopping inside a (supposedly) heavily guarded posh mall?? this is not fuckin binondo at midnight or cubao at rush hour! it is shocking. and you know why they dare do it? because they know that if they get away, they will never be caught. or some innocent guy walking down the street will be apprehended and accused of the crime. because that's the way the "justice" system works here.

(photo above was taken in nov 2008 when greenbelt 5/phase 2 shops were still being constructed)

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