Tuesday, October 20, 2009

TF's TL (true light)

about a month ago, we had a shoot with fanny serrano. we love TF, as he is fondly called in the business. he is one of the most pleasant people to work with. just don't cross him by being late or unprepared or unprofessional. as he was touching up our model with gloss, we thought, wow that is some shiny gloss—her lips are actually glowing! almost like a light is being shined on them! but as we took a closer look, we realized there actually WAS a light! check out this lipgloss, there are tiny little bulbs in the wand to light up your lips so you can retouch in the dark (plus it has a sliver of a mirror on the side of the tube so you can see yourself)... o diba?? pwede pang blackout! or sa sinehan para di ka madapa. the brand? what else but fanny serrano! the gloss is called true light and is available at all watsons stores. check out his complete cosmetics collection and for a complete list of where to buy them, go to his website fannyserranocosmetics.com

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