Wednesday, October 07, 2009

thank you

yesterday, we were feeling gloom and doom, which really we don't have a right to feel. we thank god that our family was spared the wrath of ondoy. meanwhile, many people have lost EVERYTHING, some of them have even lost loved ones :'-( last september 26, as the floods were rising, we witnessed through facebook how compassionate the filipino is towards his fellow filipino in time of dire need. with no prodding from big agencies or corporations, private citizens on their own swiftly galvanized others and took action and started small relief drives, which just grew and snowballed and sprouted other relief drives all over the city, and even spread to filipino communities abroad. people have been so generous, organizing relief centers, donating money, goods and their time, volunteering to pack and deliver the relief bags to stricken areas, helping neighborhoods to clean up, even just simply posting or tweeting updates. you people are AMAZING!! we have included all of you in our prayers and we encourage our readers to do the same.

we choose not to post photos of the devastation. you can find those everywhere else online. just google "ondoy." instead we'll post a few pix we took of the efforts of all these lovely people. this is the scene at whitespace last week, where we spent a couple of hours helping pack, tie up, and carry relief bags. the place was swelling with people of all ages helping where they could:
and these are the over 500 packs (with jesus blessing them :-) for babies and toddlers prepared by moms for moms, which were delivered early this morning to montalban. somehow, the little ones were forgotten in all of the frenzy. they have special needs and these packs—containing organic diapers, gerber, vitamins, anti-diarrhea liquids, a top and bottom, among other things—were prepared with care:
and here we are, sulking on our birthday... thank you to TeTeT, fuchsiaboy, BDR, Daphne OP, and jvg—the five people who greeted us on our birthday and gave encouraging words... we realize now what our position is.

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