Monday, November 30, 2009

the fash cam: 8th philippine tatler ball

once in a while it's nice to act civilized, get all dressed, drink champagne, and engage in light chitchat in a big fancy hotel. and walk around to take pictures of the lovely ladies dressed in their beautiful gowns. (and in the spirit of the times, nag-recycle kami ng gown at nag-hiram kami ng alahas. salamat, jewelmer :-) here's who we caught on cam!

camille in michael cinco
shauna in her own design
joanna in carbon

celine in dennis lustico
vicki in angelo santos
marge in joey samson
ginggay in inno sotto
criselda in criselda lontok

tina in vintage 70s gucci
beliz in dennis lustico
mav in rajo laurel
frannie in ito curata

divine in pepito albert
malu in a gown from hong kong
liza in rhett eala
joanne (with wig tysmans) in inno sotto

crickette in jojie lloren
mellie (with hubby louie) in leonard
marguerite (with hubby reto klauser, GM of makati shangri-la)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

the tatler report

someone who has never been invited to the tatler ball asked us to give a blow-by-blow account of the event on our blog. well, the fash pack is certainly no expert when it comes to the tatler ball because this is only our second time to be invited. the original date of the ball this year was moved from october 17 to november 27, and when this happened, all of a sudden our regular date was unfortunately no longer available :-( which meant we went stag! so laos. and we guess when you go stag, they no longer know where to seat you. a few days before the ball, a tatler insider told us that we would be seated in ben chan's table, so things were looking up. but when we got to makati shangri-la's rizal ballroom and registered at reception, homaigad, it felt like we were back on the D-list (not even C or B!). our name was listed under table number 49—the very last table, located in the farthest corner of the ballroom, right next to the waiters' station. in other words, in social siberia. ugh. to top it all off, we didn't know any of our tablemates. and when none of them were drinking wine or champagne, we realized they were all under 21! homaigad we were seated in the kids' table! literally! eventually, two adults joined us in the table, thank god (and thank you, F and S, for the company!), but neither of them was ben chan. oh sige na go lang ng go! eat, drink, and be merry! with all the bad things that are happening to our country today, we shouldn't be complaining about our position in the pecking order, it is the least of anyone's worries. we are glad to be alive and to be so lucky to partake of this feast!

the table setting:
the menu: we started with pepper seared tuna and goat cheese layered salmon with capsicum salsa. this was really good. it was paired with a ferngrove estate chardonnay 2006:
soup was foie gras flan in portobello mushroom cappucino. the soup itself was delicious, but that foie gras was deadly:
then our palates were cleansed with a lime and passion fruit sorbet. tangy, just the way we like it:
main course was lamb a la provence on vegetable couscous with port wine jus and haricort vert. we weren't too crazy about this. pampabusog lang. it was paired with ferngrove estate shiraz 2005. (we noticed too late that the menu stated that if you would like a fish—which we would have preferred—or vegetarian entrée, to please inform your waiter):
finally, dessert—summer berry pudding with warm vanilla bean sauce. we're usually stuffed by the time dessert comes, so all we can say is those lovely berries hit the spot for us. likewise the veuve clicquot ponsardin champagne it was served with:
before and during dinner, host pops fernandez introduced the people behind tatler for requisite speeches, lea salonga sang four songs (the woman's voice is still amazing as ever), and the charity auction, which was hosted by EIC anton san diego, tessa valdes, and ruffa gutierrez, took place. this year's beneficiaries were the pink for life foundation and the philippine christian foundation. the auction lots, the starting bids, how much each item went for, and the winning bidders:

auction lot 1: "mother and child" painting by mauro malang santos and "spirit and matter" sculpture by impy pilapil. starting bid: P130k. winning bid: P290k by martin romualdez.

auction lot 2: cartier humidor. starting bid: P95k. winning bid: P210k by kevin tan.

auction lot 3: thai airways two business-class tickets to any european destination. starting bid: P170k. winning bid: P390k by divine lee.

auction lot 4: omega seamaster watch. starting bid: P175k. winning bid: P520k by aivee aguilar-teo.

and as they do every year, tatler also awarded who they deem to be society's top achievers. this year's awardees:

most eminent couple: raul and menchu concepcion
most charitable force: bobbit suntay
bon vivant: tim yap
most creative force: arturo luz
most eligible bachelor: kevin tan
most stylish lady: audrey puckett-chiu
tomorrow: who was there and what they wore!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

sale! sale! sale!

escada, escada sport, and laurel on sale up to 80% off. shangri-la plaza 3/f

Friday, November 27, 2009

maguindanao massacre

it was monday night when we got home to pack for our road trip to ilocos sur and ilocos norte. we turned on ANC just to catch up on the news and were horrified by what we heard: the massacre of about 30 unarmed people (and the number is growing), which included women and journalists, in maguindanao. as we get more details on this gruesome murder of innocent and defenseless people, it's hard to believe that humans (and filipinos at that) like that actually exist in the modern world. you can't help but wish you were listening to the plot lines of a massacre movie because what they did is just too horrific to imagine. we don't even want to look at pictures or view videos--picturing it in our head is more than enough. words cannot express how we feel. we're sure the rest of the country feels the same. we cannot even imagine how the families of the victims feel.

is this the filipino that the rest of the world will recognize? while we are still on a high with manny pacquiao's world-record-breaking win and efren peñaflorida being proclaimed CNN hero of the year, who's going to remember these accomplished and admirable individuals now? just yesterday, we welcomed in pagudpud, ilocos norte, the arrival of a filipino (buzzy budlong) and a singaporean (khoo swee chiow) who kayaked together for 88 days from saragani in mindanao all the way to the tip of luzon, possibly setting a new world record. that piece of good news will now get buried in the midst of this massacre.

once again the feeling of helplessness takes over. our prayers go out to the victims. may they rest in peace...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

the fash packs: ilocos

at just past midnight on tuesday, off we went on a road trip. driving
with no cars and no people (and no lights!) on the road, we reached
vigan just before sunrise. had breakfast there and did the requisite
(albeit quickie) tour in the ilocos region: heritage village, baluarte
zoo, paoay church, all the way to pagudpud just before sunset.
yesterday, the waves were pretty strong. someone said it was like
swimming in a washing machine haha.. today the sea is calm but the sky
is rainy. tour continues today to see the bangui windmills. saw the
tops on the way here. they look like giant electric fans!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

feeling fat, looking thin

a few days ago, we tried on the gown we intend to wear to the tatler ball happening this friday. homaigad we really have to lose weight. starting today, no rice, no alcohol, no sweets. kaya ba natin toh?? crash diet here we come. after we tried on that gown we decided that we should wear our tightest clothes every day para it feels masikip and we feel fat, therefore refrain from eating fattening stuff. or refrain from eating, period. and one of the tightest garments in our closet is a pair of calvin klein jeans. we got a pair of dark-wash, five-pocket, skinny-fit "body" jeans at the greenbelt 5 store. (price: P5,450. the faded wash, which is softer, costs about a thousand more.)
it's probably the same jeans eva mendes wears in the window and in photos around the store...
now here comes the problem with these jeans (although we're not sure you'd call it a problem). these jeans have what they call "shape enhancing fit technology." the tag says it has an "engineered back.. for contoured fit. body slimming.. side seams." what all that means is when we wore the jeans (and yes we had to lie down to zip it up and forget about bending to put on your shoes!), it made us look thin! we can't tell you how many compliments we got that day. you're so thin! how do you stay so slim? i'm so inggit! are you losing weight? and you know what that does to a person. you lap up the compliments! you believe them! you realize there's no need to diet! but today we tried the gown on again. haay... no rice, no alcohol, no sweets for the next seven days... damn you, calvin klein, for making us look thin!

Friday, November 20, 2009

superga for a supergal

it was one of those nights when we found ourselves in greenbelt 5 with the hubby and decided to stay and have dinner there. so on the way out to lorenzo's way (excellent filipino food by the LJC group, by the way—we've been back three times), the hubby stopped in his tracks and said, superga is here??
don't you mean supergal or supergirl or is it superwoman? :-o apparently, superga is one of those sneaker brands that has been around forever. but these are not performance sneakers for running or basketball or tennis; these are more for knocking around in. this is the classic canvas sneaker that the hubby grew up coveting. it wasn't easy to come by then because it's made in italy. and who goes to italy??
so in we go. cute stuff! and surprisingly affordable—prices average P2,500 (plus they have a sale now and some styles go for as low as P700!) and it's no longer just about the white sneaker anymore. they've got color! for your kid and the kid in you:
feeling golden? plus more metallics:
and if you're feeling prints, we love these colorful graphics, menswear checks, and preppy stripes:
we wanted these disney designs!
we also wanted the brown canvas on the left, but unfortunately they only come in men's sizes (so if you have big feet, lucky you!). the hubby got the black cords on the right:
we decided we were in the market for a pair of white sneakers, but not just any ol' white sneakers. what do you think of these rosette embellishments:
we ended up getting a pair of white logo sneakers. oops no pic! just go to the store and find them!