Friday, November 06, 2009

dingdong is desired

when: last night
where: garden ballroom, edsa shangri-la
what: the launch of a new fragrance by bench for dingdong dantes
now we don't really follow local showbiz. all we know is what we read in ricky lo's column and what we see on "the buzz" and chismiss we pick up from cocktail chatter and office gossip. we don't watch any local soaps (well, we once caught an episode of "tayong dalawa" where ingrid attended a small family dinner at home wearing a formal red gown) and we hardly ever watch pinoy movies (hell, we hardly watch movies, period!). so we weren't sure what to expect at last night's event. the ballroom was dressed in hanging black curtains. and since the guests were asked to come in black, we kinda blended with the background. then female models dressed in la senza underwear came out and posed like window mannequins for the benefit of photographers and cameramen...
then the black curtains parted and ta-daa! dingdong without a shirt! the photographers (and we!) went wild! oops almost didn't catch him! outta my way, people!!
then he put on a jacket and spoke. what he said we didn't really care, we just kept snapping away!
we still don't know what dingdong dantes is doing these days (is he on a soap? does he have a movie out? or coming out? is he still with karylle? wait, no, we meant marian!). but one thing's for sure: he's still HOT. check out the frenzy and clamor for him!
oh, and the fragrance. mabango sha. we don't really know if this is being marketed as a men's fragrance or a unisex fragrance, but it's nice and light and sweet enough to be worn by women. and be desired. by dingdong... :-o


Anonymous said...

Funny how its ALL gma7

the fash pack said...

we noticed that too haha.. but in fairness there were reps from ABS-CBN publishing

cynical_witch said...

Isn't Dingdong a GMA talent? BTW, he's one of E!'s most sexiest men in the world daw, sez Details Later. Tutich? :)

Anonymous said...

FYI if you look at the displays at tbench stores the bottle is such a rip off of a frag from Zegna...I think its Z Zegna...from afar palang it so looks like a disappointing from Bench, they have lots of designers can't even come up with something original...Come to think of it I think the Gutz and Glory frags (of Rhichard Gutierrez) look like copies of the Polo Sport bottle too... Hmmm... such rip-offs.