Saturday, November 21, 2009

feeling fat, looking thin

a few days ago, we tried on the gown we intend to wear to the tatler ball happening this friday. homaigad we really have to lose weight. starting today, no rice, no alcohol, no sweets. kaya ba natin toh?? crash diet here we come. after we tried on that gown we decided that we should wear our tightest clothes every day para it feels masikip and we feel fat, therefore refrain from eating fattening stuff. or refrain from eating, period. and one of the tightest garments in our closet is a pair of calvin klein jeans. we got a pair of dark-wash, five-pocket, skinny-fit "body" jeans at the greenbelt 5 store. (price: P5,450. the faded wash, which is softer, costs about a thousand more.)
it's probably the same jeans eva mendes wears in the window and in photos around the store...
now here comes the problem with these jeans (although we're not sure you'd call it a problem). these jeans have what they call "shape enhancing fit technology." the tag says it has an "engineered back.. for contoured fit. body slimming.. side seams." what all that means is when we wore the jeans (and yes we had to lie down to zip it up and forget about bending to put on your shoes!), it made us look thin! we can't tell you how many compliments we got that day. you're so thin! how do you stay so slim? i'm so inggit! are you losing weight? and you know what that does to a person. you lap up the compliments! you believe them! you realize there's no need to diet! but today we tried the gown on again. haay... no rice, no alcohol, no sweets for the next seven days... damn you, calvin klein, for making us look thin!

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