Wednesday, November 04, 2009

how we spent our long weekend

where else but in front of the computer. and not to blog or facebook, mind you. it was to meet those never-ending deadlines!!! yes, we spent saturday, sunday, and monday cooped up at home, glued to our desk, sitting in front of the computer, writing writing writing. we only stepped out to go to the mall to eat. who has time to cook?? even our poor doggy was stuck at home with us that by monday afternoon he was going stir crazy, barking at the wall (eee baka may mumu! all souls day pa naman and we failed to visit our dead relatives. next weekend na lang). well, guess what, today is a wednesday and WE'RE STILL NOT DONE. will we ever put this issue to bed?? november 4 na, tama na, ayoko naaaaa!!!

PS: don't you love our desktop wallpaper? that's from H&M's marimekko collection. it's one of the things that keeps us sane in the office. staring at it makes us happy :-)

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cynical_witch said...

I can so relate, fashpack!

Me too, Wednesday na and I'm not done!!! Yaargh!

If it makes you feel better, you know our November issue? (I just checked the issue now. I can't bear to look at a printed issue immediately after slaving over it for two months! Anyways...) The one on the stands now? Has a grammatical error on the main coverline!!! Huhuhuuuuu!!!

I am now just waiting for the shoe to drop and my boss to scream at me for the mistake. Huhuuuuu!!!

Anyways, hope you're about done with your issue!

This early, I need a frakking beer already--or lotsa wine! :)