Saturday, November 14, 2009

the newest must-hav

so what took havaianas so long to come up with this? it's the perfect partner to a pair of flip-flops: a bag! the casual, everyday bags are not made of rubber (they're made of canvas) but they do feature the familiar elements found in every havaianas flip-flop: color, the rice pattern on the sole, the greek pattern on the straps, the straps themselves, and the round rubber button that attaches the strap to the sole. these will make great christmas presents for the havaianas addict! (or anyone who needs a new bag.) check out the six styles available and see how the models carry them, so you can also see how big they are. which bag do you like??

MEGA (solid and printed):

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Anonymous said...

Hi! wow, this is NICE! especially the MEGA and MEGA NS! all you need now is a fox tail key chain and you have a cheaper version of Louis Vuitton S/S2010! are they already available?

thanks for sharing this.. :)