Monday, November 02, 2009

pearls of wisdom

it was the middle of last week when the cold, harsh reality hit us: we have less than two months to do our christmas shopping!! we were at a press con where jewelmer announced its holiday offerings, that's why. there we were at the terrace at the 5th, gingerly sipping lunch-time bellinis, so oblivious to the time of the year... well, just in case you're a procrastinator like us, you might want to include this in your list (this will be in our "ask" list, not our "give" list hehe...).
starting this month, jewelmer will offer gift certificates in denominations of P5,000 and P10,000—to give the giftee the chance to pick out the palawan south sea pearl jewelry she so desires. ang tanong eh: can you actually buy anything worth only P10,000, much less P5,000, at jewelmer??
well, if you add a couple thousand, you can buy the new noël pendant: a lustrous palawan south sea pearl suspended from an 18k gold pin and strung from a leather or silk cord—plus it comes boxed, ready to be given. (prices start at P12,000)
now if you REALLY wanna impress some chick (or us ;-) how about these fancy pieces?? TD4!!

melissa wearing "riviere de perles" (river of pearls)...
girlie wearing "rivage perles" (pearl shores)...
isabel wearing "the harlequin" (this is our favorite :-)...

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