Tuesday, November 17, 2009

permanent blow-dry

we just finished watching "ugly betty" on star world. parang ang luma na ng season na toh. we love ugly betty, though. a month ago, if we had to go in costume for some pre-halloween party, we could've easily gone as betty suarez. and we wouldn't even need a wig. because yes our hair was THAT buhaghag. just add the glasses, the braces, and the goofy smile (oh and the goofy outfit, no problem), then this would easily have been us: so whenever we have the time and someone to drive us to the nearest salon (ANY salon), we try and get a blowout. and each time we do, we always sigh and say, "we wish we woke up every morning with hair like this..." well, you know what they say: be careful what you wish for because it might come true... so have you heard of the permanent blow-dry? this is the sign right outside basement salon at power plant mall. now wouldn't you be curious too?? so we got one! and it was the best thing we ever did with our hair! now we wake up every morning with soft, straight hair like this (glam makeup optional): so what exactly is a permanent blow-dry? the name is actually a misnomer because unlike rebonding, which is REALLY permanent, this is like a blowout that lasts for weeks and your hair eventually gets SOME of its wave back (but don't worry, not betty-buhaghag). but be prepared for the entire process. step one: set aside an ENTIRE DAY. yes, it takes THAT LONG. so we decided to split the process into two days. since your hair will end up very straight, your hair needs to be an even color from roots to tips, otherwise any regrowth will be super obvious. so we opted to get the color three days before the permanent blow-dry. that took an entire afternoon (three hours to be exact). then we booked the permanent blow-dry on a saturday because we sure as hell couldn't skip work just to get our hair done! our guy rodel was with us from start to finish and this is what he did to us...

1. shampoo four consecutive times with a special shampoo. this is to get rid of all dirt, product buildup, and oils, and to open up the hair cuticles in order to better absorb the chemicals. hair has to be squeaky clean.
2. hair was dried with a blow-dryer.
3. then liquid keratin was applied. this is the chemical that keeps your hair straight. don't be alarmed if your hair guy (or gal) puts on a gas mask—he does this every day up to four times a day, so he has to protect himself. (needless to say, this is not recommended for pregnant women.)
4. you will be provided with eye goggles in case you become sensitive to the fumes. we had to put them on at some point.
5. you wait 20 minutes for your hair to soak it all in. meanwhile, you can read magazines, facebook (they have free wifi), accept offers of complimentary coffee or iced tea, or order for food from any of the food establishments in the mall.
6. after, they blow-dried our hair while combing through it. this part took two people to accomplish! and after enduring this for we don't know how many minutes, we were finally witnessing miraculously straight hair happening before our very eyes!
7. then hair has to rest for one hour. some people actually step out of the salon to shop or eat. but why do that when you can get a foot spa and pedicure.
8. when that hour was over, our hair was rinsed with cooold waaaterrr—bbbrrrr...
9. then a neutralizer was applied, which is supposed to soften the hair, so it doesn't get that walis-tingting effect that you normally get with rebonding. that's left on for 10 minutes then rinsed off again.
10. finally our hair was dried with a hair dryer without the aid of a brush or comb and voila! our hair dried super straight! wow! it's a miracle! what a dream come true!!! (total number of hours we sat on that chair: five hours, excluding the haircolor)
11. oh, one more thing: you have to use a special salt-free shampoo by davines that will maintain the straightness of the hair. DON'T use your regular shampoo; otherwise you'll have to return for a back job.

PS: now for the damage... we'll be honest, this dream-come-true doesn't come cheap. depending on hair length, it can cost from P8k to P11k. our hair is just a little past shoulder length, which is considered medium length, so the price was about P9k. but the feeling we get when we wake up every morning and look at the mirror: priceless!

basement salon, 2/f power plant mall, tel (2) 899 6666 or 898 2222

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glorious pop star said...

i suddenly miss having hair :( parlor time is the best!